All photography provided by Kaylee Dall

Sister Bonds

Kaylee Dall

Many females surround themselves with other women and create special bonds that run deep on many levels. The connection that females create with each other can be empowering. Many women label their female bonds as their girlfriends or best friends. In the Victorian era women and men separated into two separate rooms to socialize; because they understood how important these gender specific relationships where. The most influential female bond an individual can have is with their mother or mother figure. The images I create are intended to encourage others to look at the network around them and see how they are affected by them.

This body of work shows a lineage of two different generations in the same family. It depicts how my mother, sister, and myself were all raised to be strong women and how the bond we have makes us stronger. The imagery shows intimate moments that happened with my friends, mother, sister, and myself. The work also highlights how we surround ourselves with people that encourage us to be strong. The body of work shows documented moments throughout a year using strong natural lighting. Each individual portrait shows their strength and personality. Each moment shares a little about everyone and how we come together to make each other stronger.

The imagery took inspiration from Tina Barney’s Theater of Manners. Barney’s work photographs her well to do family and friends in their everyday lives. Barney is a directorial photographer who posed her family in strong natural lighting which makes them seem documented. My work takes on the same shooting style as Barney’s to create stylized photographs that are posed documents. My body of work shows intimate moments between female family members and friends.

Continued (Post May 2017)